The men and women that have given their time, their energy and, too frequently, their lives to protect our country and to serve our interests abroad are to be thanked, honored, and revered.

Any government that sends men and women into armed conflict, must agree, as part of its contract with those brave individuals, to provide equipment, training and leadership that ensures the best possible physical and psychological protection for combatants while they perform their duties. Following their return from combat, each individual must also be provided with the very best healthcare available to ensure their physical and mental health and to maximize their quality of life.

We owe it to our veterans to treat them with dignity and respect and honor our commitment to them and their families, regardless of politics or domestic economic challenges.

I will fight for veteran’s rights. I will support legislation that increases the availability of healthcare services for physical and psychiatric disorders, as well as addiction. I believe it is our obligation to ensure that no veteran or veteran’s family is without housing, food, education or other assistance in transitioning to the civilian world. It is unconscionable that our veterans and those currently serving cannot provide for their own well-being because our policies have failed them, even as these men and women have never failed our nation.

The first step in correcting the current failures of the Veterans Administration is to increase funding to the department. If I am elected, one of my major budget concerns will be increasing funding of Veterans’ benefits to better reflect this nation’s obligation to those who serve loyally and without question — especially in these times when our military has been stretched thin by participation in the two longest wars in US history.

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