Social Security and Medicare

If government is tasked with preserving the public health and safety, it is most important that the welfare of the most vulnerable among us be primary in our concern. To do otherwise is cruel, unjust,  fiscally unwise and a threat to the health and safety of everyone.

We would not, individually, neglect the welfare of our mothers and fathers, our grandmothers and grandfathers, our disabled sisters and mentally ill brothers. It wouldn’t be American. It wouldn’t be Christian.

There is no economic argument for eliminating or reducing these safety net programs. Social Security and Medicare are paid for through payroll taxes and are not — despite what some insist — in economic peril.

The current administration — and your Congressman is included in that — have more concern for the ‘plight’  of the wealthy than the welfare of the needy. I will fight fiercely against those promoting such an agenda.

We need leadership that will expand Social Security and Medicare to address deficiencies in coverage for prescription medications, mental health services, and dental services.

I will fight to protect and expand these critical programs that impact all Americans.

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