What I said ….

On Saturday, I spoke in San Marcos at the ‘Indivisible of North County’ group, along with the other four Democratic candidates in the 50th Congressional District.

My opening statement was to talk about how to best win the district. I took a broadside shot at the Democratic Party’s big-money play, and how taking a practical approach would be a better strategy for victory this election.

The goal was not to be offensive, but to challenge the attendees to consider a candidate that can appeal to the Independents, Libertarians, and even some moderate Conservatives, who are the great majority of the electorate in the 50th.  My pitch was that I am that candidate – I fit the demographics of my district closer than anyone else that shared the stage with me, I clearly understand the issues and have valid solutions, and the grit to take on the status quo.

Some people were disturbed that I had mentioned the fact that Ammar is bi-racial. and immediately branded me a racist. I had not said that Ammar should not be allowed to run. I encourage minority candidates to run.  Some people insinuated that I had, in some way, demeaned him. Quite the contrary.

I believe that all the candidates — and Ammar in particular — are people of integrity, that they are well-intentioned, honest, and very capable. In addition, I support their ethical perspectives. We have few and minor differences on issues and I will support the candidate that comes out on top in this race.

The tactical consideration of race from a political perspective is not racism. I listened to an MSNBC on AMJoy recently, discussing the political future of the very brilliant Kamala Harris. They debated the issue of her ethnicity (Indian) and concluded that 2020 was not going to be her race. Not because they were racists, but because they were pragmatists — realists.

My point was that it is time for the members of the Democratic Party to wise up in REAL service to the constituency of the 50th District — give support to the candidate who makes the best argument and might just win in the 50th.

And lets take a hint from the Sanders campaign: People in general and Independents in particular are sick of the Corporate Democratic image. We can no longer do “business as usual.”

Watch the clip – 14:27 in the time block – and then pay attention to the other things that I say during the Panel Session (substance).


Invisible North San Diego County – July 29, 2017

A bright sunny day in San Marcos, where activists from Indivisible gathered to hear each of the Democratic candidates pitch their positions and build a case on why they are “the one.”

Today’s goal was to challenge these ‘revolutionaries’ for change, and to take on the Democratic establishment, which believes that fundraising is the unique metric for success against an incumbent.  We have learned in four special elections since November, that simply driving the funding machine doesn’t deliver results.

My opening statement was intended to be a message about practicality: If you want to win this district, you must understand the dynamics of the voter base and position a candidate that can appeal to a broader audience.  For some, this may have been a moment of clarity. Others considered it negative campaigning (even if everything I shared was factual).  Either way – I don’t and won’t play it safe…. safe insures failure. Embracing change gives you a shot at success. And I took the shot.

Once the video is released, I will be sure and post it right here (Forum Video).  I believe that my responses to questions were spot on, and tied to our message of National Security, Fiscal Accountability, and Justice and how it would impact and benefit our district.

This is a serious position for serious people – it’s time to embrace that and apply your valuable support accordingly.

I will not cower to anyone, much less the power elite in San Diego or Washington…. you should expect nothing less from your Congressman.

You decide.




Julian Indivisible – July 18th, 2017

(Julian Indivisible – video)

It was a beautiful sunny mid-July day, when I had the pleasure of meeting with a vibrant and engaged Julian Indivisible.  (audio)

A breathtaking and winding drive led me to the Julian Methodist Church located in the forest.  I had the calming joy to reflect on fond memories of my time as a youngster going on family outings up to this beautiful area, staying in a little motel next to Tom’s Chicken Shack (long-gone) and the Manzanita Ranch.

I was greeted with open-invitation and warmth, and recognized and appreciated how well this event had been promoted and organized.  What a turnout, especially when you consider how remote an area of San Diego County where historic Julian is located!

We started precisely on time,  with my call to action – my challenge to become modern-day revolutionaries, where together we will change our Republic.

Questions came from a random draw, and there was no forewarning of what I would be asked.  The person that created the question, asked the question – along with any follow-up for clarity.

Before I knew it, my hour with Julian Indivisible was over.  I was pleased to have discussed my views on nearly every issue impacting District 50.  My goal was to leave my fellow patriots with the understanding that I am the uniquely experienced ‘everyday man,’ ready to represent them as their next Congressman.

The event was filmed, and I will upload a link once the final production work has been completed. There was also a survey taken comparing my abilities and their perceptions if I could win versus others that have met with indivisible; I will share the results of that once I receive  an update.

If you want to see how an Indivisible group is run, take a few moments and enjoy the scenic ride, I strongly encourage you to attend one of their upcoming meetings.



East County Magazine – Interview with Glenn Jensen (July 2017)

The Independent Progressive – Interview (6-July-17)

I had a wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with Amanda from The Independent Progressive – thanks so much TIP!

We discussed nearly every major issue impacting Congressional District 50, as well as national issues faced by the United States and our international partners.

My objective is to always provide my supporters  with enough information that we normally don’t hear from the 90-second responses we’re forced to deliver during the Democratic Town Hall panels.  It’s what you would hear from me during an unabridged conversation during an Indivisible or Resist meeting.

Please listen and provide me your comments – our team has been thoughtful in our position statements, and we do value your input.

#FlipThe50 with Jensen


Interest Rates are rising (what does that mean for you?)


Janet Yellen – Chair, Federal Reserve Board of Governors


On June 14, the Federal Reserve increased rates (as expected) by .25%, and we have already seen credit card companies pass this on to their consumers.

So – why did the Fed increase rates, and what impact might this have on our economy?

President Obama’s economic recovery from the Great Recession now appears stable, with an acceptable inflation rate nearing 2% coupled with historic employment rates.  Normally we should expect to experience mild wage inflation in the coming several quarters as the labor market tightens for those companies seeking workers. This inverse relationship between employment and inflation is best understood by the Phillips Curve.

This may be great news for increases in our wages, reducing pressure on legislators to increase the minimum wage.  But it also means our Federal Debt will grow by over $50B per year for every .25% increase in the Fed Rate (we have had  two already within the last 12 months).  The Fed expects to increase rates at least 3 more times over the coming year.

It will cost you more to borrow for your business, a home, and any short-term expenditure that you are planning.  It will also cost our government more to service the national debt, limiting critically needed investments in infrastructure repair, education, and healthcare.

Actions by the House to revoke financial protections under Dodd-Frank coupled with confusion around President Trump’s deregulatory agenda may require accelerated tightening by the Fed. Uncertainty adds risk that the Fed is factoring into their monetary policy over the coming several quarters.

The President is pushing for a tax overhaul much like we saw during President George W. Bush – a dangerous return to supply-side economics.  The impact would be disastrous, further increasing inflation and our national debt, without increasing tax receipts (because of cuts) needed to pay for much needed strategic investments and the resulting increase in debt service costs from interest rate hikes by the Fed.

Your Congressional Representative needs to understand this balance, and protect his constituents.  I’m that guy.

Our financial security is a matter of National Security.

Two More Fed Rate Hikes Likely in 2017





Fed Increases Rates

Indivisible – User Guide

I strongly encourage you to read the Indivisible Guide – a very clear, 26-page read.

This is a playbook to help you in organizing your change for our district, how to address your Member of Congress (MOC), and a call to focus on what is important for the longer term.

‘an attack on one is an attack on all’

Remember the basic tenant – ‘treat an attack on one is an attack on all’ – let’s be clear, the American way of life is under assault by Duncan Hunter, and you have power to change that.

Indivisible will be the driving force we can leverage to replace Hunter, are you with me?




IndivisibleGuide_2017-03-09_v10 (1)

Hunter Town Hall Protest – June 13, 2017

I had a great opportunity to meet with a number of my fellow CA50 residents during the protest to get Duncan Hunter to hold a town hall with his constituents.

Great turnout, with lots of positive support from honks and thumbs up as people drove by the rally.

Pierre ‘Pete’ Beauregard was there with me and the others to get Hunter to actually work for us.

We are both vying to replace Hunter in 2018.


Glenn and Pete – Candidates for CA50 (2018)

Funding – Your Support

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