Hunter Town Hall Protest – June 13, 2017

I had a great opportunity to meet with a number of my fellow CA50 residents during the protest to get Duncan Hunter to hold a town hall with his constituents.

Great turnout, with lots of positive support from honks and thumbs up as people drove by the rally.

Pierre ‘Pete’ Beauregard was there with me and the others to get Hunter to actually work for us.

We are both vying to replace Hunter in 2018.


Glenn and Pete – Candidates for CA50 (2018)

Funding – Your Support

Hi Team!

We have a few ways that you can give your support to our campaign.

First, you can post right here – ideas, comments, vision – this is about us!  Subscribe, and contribute your thoughts to our campaign.

Second – you can vote with your financial contributions:



Together, we #FlipThe50 and take back #CA50 for the benefit of our district – not out-of-state interests.


Help your neighbor – give blood


As many of you know, I am a regular blood donor – and I am going to challenge you to be the same.

We are a community, and simple donations go a long way to help your fellow neighbor in a time of need.

My specialty is platelets – takes me 2 hours each time, and I know that a needy cancer patient has another shot at life from my donation.

It will make you feel good – and get this, you will actually be doing good for someone else… just because (and the only thing it costs you is a bit of your time).






East County Democratic Club Candidate Forum – 20-April-2017

Thanks to all of you that attended last night, and for the opportunity to present at the Candidate Forum.  We shared a meal together, and then an engaged conversation about our district and the political challenges of today.

Please take a look at the videos at your convenience, this is going to be a challenging race, but I think we have some exceptional ideas and a strong ethical foundation to work from.

It’s pretty simple – I work for you, because YOUR LIVES MATTER

East County Democratic Club 50th Congressional District Candidate

East County Democratic Club 50th Congressional District Candidate

Small Business Challenges – (CA-50)

Key to economic growth is our ability to promote new business that strengthen and empower our community.  We must protect our small businesses, they are the economic engine in District 50.

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce’s chart  ranks key business challenges, we must address all of these.

I will seek to eliminate any unnecessary regulations.  We will identify and prioritize together, a partnership between the private and public sector.

Affordable education and healthcare will help small businesses focus on their business, while providing properly skilled workers that are both healthy and productive.

Protecting our banking system and tackling inflation are national objectives, the ripple-effect to our district is profound.  We start by keeping our deficit manageable, while preventing another round of abuses from Wall Street.

Open to ideas, because Your Lives Matter!

Legislative Agenda – what I care about

These are achievable – benefiting all of District 50

  • Protect and expand Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
  • Promote affordable availability to a quality public education, including college and vocational schools
  • Protect labor and small business – including a , Living Wage and the right to organize, retraining education
  • Protect our Veterans, they have cared and supported our country and we need to do the same for them and their families
  • Drive the new economy, promote job creation and quality higher-paying jobs in technology
  • Promote security and safety in our community
    • cops on the beat
    • community centers
    • after school programs that help working parents and children

 Open to additional ideas, because Your Lives Matter!

Congressional Elections 2018

Sounds like a long way off… doesn’t it?

In political time-frames, 2018 is right around the corner and it represents an opportunity for us to energize and engage to progress our Republic forward.

I got into this race not because my opponent had ethics issues… he has people issues.

Your lives matter – to me.  Partisan bickering and ideology is an obstacle – but our basic values of fairness, equity of opportunity, the protection of our civil rights, and how we treat our seniors and vets didn’t have to change this past November.

My opponent didn’t change – he continues to be against everything that you and I are for.

I am your guy – one of you, a regular ‘Glenn’ that has lived in the district his entire life.  I have your back, I am fearless, send me to Washington and I will prove it.