Meet Glenn Jensen


Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for District 50 and our country!

A Family Man, A Fighter, 4th Generation San Diegan, and Lifelong District 50 Resident!

Glenn is a fourth generation native San Diegan, who grew up in La Mesa and developed his political, spiritual and social values right here in East San Diego County.

He’s been married for nearly forty years and is the father of three. Like all of us, he’s experienced many of life’s joys and dealt with some of its heavier sorrows. He’s experienced gratifying successes that have filled him with enthusiasm and endured humbling failures that left him bruised, but wiser.

Since his childhood, Glenn has wanted to make a difference. He was a Republican while there were still bits of Eisenhower in the party of Reagan. But when the GOP began morphing into the Alt-Right monster it has become, Glenn found many of his core values challenged.

Because he was compassionate, he believed that the Federal Government has an obligation to provide well-funded and well-administered social services and health care for every resident.

As a historian, he knew that the concentration of wealth at the top and the widening of the economic divide between rich and poor is dangerous for everyone.

Because he understood economics, he knew that providing expanded resources to the poorest does more than anything to swell the middle class.

As a study of science and believer in facts, Glenn knew that the outstanding and premiere challenge of our time is Climate Change.

Glenn did some soul searching; he re-prioritized; he became a Democrat. He is moved by a strong desire to improve life for his family, for all the people of his community, and for all Americans.


Glenn Jensen is living proof that a good public education can inspire and drive us to expect and achieve great things.

His earliest primary school memories include the challenge by President Kennedy to continue studying and learning, regardless of age.  A Second Grade lesson in ‘green-house gases’ inspired a concern for the environment that continues today.

His college-prep was completed at Helix High, where he focused primarily on Science and Math. But he also took wood shop, print shop and auto shop, ran cross-country and swam.

Glenn graduated from UCSD, where he was active in campus life, and graduated with a BA in Economics. His emphasis was on ‘growth-economics,’ which includes statistics, econometrics, and voting dynamics.

But Glenn’s most meaningful education, as his grandfather Bill predicted, has come from living. He has embraced each experience and challenge along the way and understands that each of us is on his/her own journey, each of us has his/her own plan and each of us wants to make the journey epic!

Political Experience

Glenn Jensen is not a Washington or Sacramento insider. But he has been more political than most.

He fought against the cuts that then-governor Ronald Reagan made to the UC system, the impact of which we have all witnessed over the years. He is a staunch supporter of free public education and supports its funding by the Federal Government.

Glenn participated in student protests to end the Viet Nam war, which had no clear direction and had cost our nation nearly 60,000 American lives. He still opposes foreign engagements that cost American lives and resources without a clear end strategy.

He worked as a lobbyist on the telecommunications legislation that brought access to programming for services like DirecTV and Dish Network. He supports Net Neutrality, equal access for everyone and limits on Internet Providers’ exploitation of customers’ personal data and browsing history.

During the 2000 Primaries, Glenn was the ‘Debate-Voice’ for candidate John Edwards. He was introduced to the reality of the ‘Two Americas,’ one rich and powerful, one poor and powerless.

He actively opposed the War in Iraq and more actively supports the best healthcare, rehabilitation and social assistance for the veterans of that and all other wars.

Glenn has been a staunch supporter of other important political causes. He has written and spoken often about meaningful immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for the currently undocumented and he regularly supports a woman’s right to dominion over her own body and healthcare. Glenn believes in equal pay for equal work, equal rights for LGBTQ people, and equality of opportunity for all.

Glenn Jensen is an East County resident who cares about what’s happening in the Country — particularly as it affects Southern California — and is ready to roll up his sleeves and work hard to challenge the national conscience and change the politics and the direction of this country.

Personal Life

Glenn was born at a small hospital in La Mesa.

His parents were working class people and his modest upbringing taught him great lessons about hard work and perseverance. In fact, his first job was as a paperboy for the San Diego Union. He got up every morning at 3 AM to fold, bag and deliver papers and, in the process, he learned the importance of commitment to a job, a quality that continues to serve him well.

Since childhood, Glenn has enjoyed nature. Outdoor experiences, such as fishing the Stanislaus River, hiking in Cuyamaca or surfing at Windansea beach, have instilled in him a sense of the importance of ecology and the environment to our overall quality of life.

Glenn met his wife over forty-one years ago, and they have been going strong ever since. They raised three children together, and have spent their lives honoring the importance of family.

Glenn and his family have also experienced great heartache along the way. The Jensens lost their oldest son, Nick, in 2000. It was a deep and painful experience that affected his family immeasurably. They have memorialized their son by establishing the Nick Jensen Art Scholarship, which benefits a needy art student each year.

Glenn’s passion is learning, an attribute that has enhanced his family life and his career and has been integral to his political beliefs. He is also driven to do things that will leave the world better than he found it.