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On Saturday, I spoke in San Marcos at the ‘Indivisible of North County’ group, along with the other four Democratic candidates in the 50th Congressional District.

My opening statement was to talk about how to best win the district. I took a broadside shot at the Democratic Party’s big-money play, and how taking a practical approach would be a better strategy for victory this election.

The goal was not to be offensive, but to challenge the attendees to consider a candidate that can appeal to the Independents, Libertarians, and even some moderate Conservatives, who are the great majority of the electorate in the 50th.  My pitch was that I am that candidate – I fit the demographics of my district closer than anyone else that shared the stage with me, I clearly understand the issues and have valid solutions, and the grit to take on the status quo.

Some people were disturbed that I had mentioned the fact that Ammar is bi-racial. and immediately branded me a racist. I had not said that Ammar should not be allowed to run. I encourage minority candidates to run.  Some people insinuated that I had, in some way, demeaned him. Quite the contrary.

I believe that all the candidates — and Ammar in particular — are people of integrity, that they are well-intentioned, honest, and very capable. In addition, I support their ethical perspectives. We have few and minor differences on issues and I will support the candidate that comes out on top in this race.

The tactical consideration of race from a political perspective is not racism. I listened to an MSNBC on AMJoy recently, discussing the political future of the very brilliant Kamala Harris. They debated the issue of her ethnicity (Indian) and concluded that 2020 was not going to be her race. Not because they were racists, but because they were pragmatists — realists.

My point was that it is time for the members of the Democratic Party to wise up in REAL service to the constituency of the 50th District — give support to the candidate who makes the best argument and might just win in the 50th.

And lets take a hint from the Sanders campaign: People in general and Independents in particular are sick of the Corporate Democratic image. We can no longer do “business as usual.”

Watch the clip – 14:27 in the time block – and then pay attention to the other things that I say during the Panel Session (substance).


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