Invisible North San Diego County – July 29, 2017

A bright sunny day in San Marcos, where activists from Indivisible gathered to hear each of the Democratic candidates pitch their positions and build a case on why they are “the one.”

Today’s goal was to challenge these ‘revolutionaries’ for change, and to take on the Democratic establishment, which believes that fundraising is the unique metric for success against an incumbent.  We have learned in four special elections since November, that simply driving the funding machine doesn’t deliver results.

My opening statement was intended to be a message about practicality: If you want to win this district, you must understand the dynamics of the voter base and position a candidate that can appeal to a broader audience.  For some, this may have been a moment of clarity. Others considered it negative campaigning (even if everything I shared was factual).  Either way – I don’t and won’t play it safe…. safe insures failure. Embracing change gives you a shot at success. And I took the shot.

Once the video is released, I will be sure and post it right here (Forum Video).  I believe that my responses to questions were spot on, and tied to our message of National Security, Fiscal Accountability, and Justice and how it would impact and benefit our district.

This is a serious position for serious people – it’s time to embrace that and apply your valuable support accordingly.

I will not cower to anyone, much less the power elite in San Diego or Washington…. you should expect nothing less from your Congressman.

You decide.




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