Julian Indivisible – July 18th, 2017

(Julian Indivisible – video)

It was a beautiful sunny mid-July day, when I had the pleasure of meeting with a vibrant and engaged Julian Indivisible.  (audio)

A breathtaking and winding drive led me to the Julian Methodist Church located in the forest.  I had the calming joy to reflect on fond memories of my time as a youngster going on family outings up to this beautiful area, staying in a little motel next to Tom’s Chicken Shack (long-gone) and the Manzanita Ranch.

I was greeted with open-invitation and warmth, and recognized and appreciated how well this event had been promoted and organized.  What a turnout, especially when you consider how remote an area of San Diego County where historic Julian is located!

We started precisely on time,  with my call to action – my challenge to become modern-day revolutionaries, where together we will change our Republic.

Questions came from a random draw, and there was no forewarning of what I would be asked.  The person that created the question, asked the question – along with any follow-up for clarity.

Before I knew it, my hour with Julian Indivisible was over.  I was pleased to have discussed my views on nearly every issue impacting District 50.  My goal was to leave my fellow patriots with the understanding that I am the uniquely experienced ‘everyday man,’ ready to represent them as their next Congressman.

The event was filmed, and I will upload a link once the final production work has been completed. There was also a survey taken comparing my abilities and their perceptions if I could win versus others that have met with indivisible; I will share the results of that once I receive  an update.

If you want to see how an Indivisible group is run, take a few moments and enjoy the scenic ride, I strongly encourage you to attend one of their upcoming meetings.


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